The Brain Project

The Brain Project (TBP) is a 501(C) organization aimed to prove through rigorous medical practices and growth that there is measurable economic value in providing vital health care to African communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the backbone of Africa's Healthcare Ecosystem, starting with providing comprehensive, free brain and spinal surgeries, along with care from other medical specialties to those who would otherwise lack access to such treatment. Our skilled medical professionals provide free medical checkups, surgeries, medical equipment, and supplies. Additionally, they also educate local medical teams in these underserved regions and communities.

Our Team

Founded in 2017, The Brain Project is a coalition of board-certified neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, dental surgeons, as well as many other medical specialists of African descent dedicated to building reliable healthcare systems that can service and support Africa.

  • Dr. Nana Yaw Appiah
    Co-founder & President
  • Dr. Jean Louis Benae
    Co-founder & Chairman
  • Kojo Yeboah
    Managing Director

Our Board

  • Didier DJ. Mbenga
  • Barbara Benae

Get Involved

It’s the radical idea of creating hope in a cynical world, it demands investing as a means, not an end, daring to do what’s right, not what’s easy and being a part of the change.

Make a Difference


  • Social Media and Content Manager (Part Time)
  • Administrative Support (Volunteer)
  • Legal Counsel (Volunteer)
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Our Partners

Thanks to the incredible support of these charitable organizations for recognizing the potential where others see despair. The Brain Project can provide healthcare across Africa, one country at a time.