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We are led by Africans whose desire to contribute their medical expertise toward a strong healthcare ecosystem on the continent spans decades. Through expert care and a willingness to bring standardized medical practices to rural and underserved communities across the continent, we are doing our small but significant part to give back to a continent that has given so much to the world.

This is why we must act now

Lack of Personnel

565 neurosurgeons care for over 1 billion people on the African continent. That’s not even a surgeon for every 2 million people. Compare that with 1:85,000 in the United States. In East Africa there is one neurosurgeon for every 10 million people. For those in need, it is virtually impossible to receive even the minimum care.


Neurological disorders are increasingly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa, affecting 58 out of every 1,000 people. If these individuals were afforded the same level and variety of treatment, the rate of remission for neurological disorders in Africa would approach that of the Western world.


Measurable economic value in providing vital health care

How we do it

Our impact Since 2017

7 million in medical equipment and supplies donated

25 committed certified surgeons & medical professionals

250 patient cases examined

Thanks to the Brain Project, my son is no longer in pain and can live a normal life.

200 hours of free medical procedures and operations completed